How Long Do Elk Antlers Last For Dogs?

How Long Do Elk Antlers Last For Dogs?

When buying elk antlers for your dog, you’ll want to make sure you buy split antlers. Split antlers are whole antlers that have been halved through the middle, exposing the marrow inside. This marrow is rich in calcium, phosphorous, zinc, and manganese. Whole antlers are slightly longer-lasting, but the center marrow isn’t accessible in split antlers.

Moose antlers are denser than elk antlers

Elk antlers are naturally found in the environment, and they are not processed. A dog may have some trouble chewing a whole antler, but a split antler is perfectly edible for a smaller breed. Even larger breeds can enjoy an antler chew, but you must know that a split antler will break more easily than a whole one. So, before you buy elk antlers for dogs, read this article to find out the best way to introduce your dog to this delicious delicacy.

The antlers themselves are relatively healthy. The antlers are made of a combination of calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, sulphur, zinc, and a number of trace minerals. The antlers can be fed to dogs at any age, and there’s no odor, mess, or waste to clean up. They should not be boiled or sanitized because they may become brittle.

Elk antlers have higher marrow content during the hard antler stage. This means that elk antlers can provide significant health benefits. Antler chewing can be especially beneficial for dogs with joint problems. A dog can benefit greatly from chewing on a naturally shed antler. It will not only provide joint support but will also keep your dog’s teeth clean.

Although antlers have a very long shelf life, they can also harm a dog’s teeth. A broken antler can chip a dog’s teeth, which can lead to painful dental issues. The antlers can also block a dog’s intestines, which can result in a dental issue. In some cases, this will result in a surgical procedure.

While elk antlers are not as hard as deer antlers, they are still an excellent chew for dogs. Whether you want your dog to get an antler chew or keep your dog occupied, they will provide endless hours of entertainment and help your dog get rid of pent-up energy. One excellent source of elk antlers is The Pet Gourmet, which offers fresh, locally sourced antlers from Walworth, WI.

In addition to their healthy benefits, elk antlers are also environmentally friendly and fast-growing. Elk antlers are a great choice for your dog. As an added bonus, they’re non-odorous and won’t damage furniture or carpets. Even better, your pup will be happy chewing on elk antlers instead of raw bones or synthetic toys.

Antlers of elk are not always brown, so don’t be discouraged if your dog can’t chew on them. The color of antlers also varies, as the environment and region it is found in influences its color. While a brown antler might be a Grade A piece, a lighter antler may still be of poor quality. But the quality of an elk antler will be comparable to a deer antler if it is lighter in color.

When it comes to chewing on antlers, most dogs will enjoy it. However, the safety of antlers is debatable. While dogs generally enjoy the taste of antlers, antler chewing may lead to broken teeth, internal blockages, and punctures. Studies have not been done to confirm or disprove the safety of antlers for dogs. Despite the lack of reliable data, some veterinarian websites claim that chewing on hard objects causes fractured teeth.

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