How to Get a Dog Inside

How to Get a Dog Inside

Many dog owners have a hard time training their dog to go inside. Instead of luring your dog with food and treats, you should make your home as comfortable as possible for your pet. Here are some tricks to break this bad association and make your dog want to go inside. You can also use positive reinforcement techniques, such as playing with the dog’s toys and talking in a normal voice. This is one of the easiest ways to train a dog to go inside.

Avoid luring a dog inside with treats

One of the easiest tricks to teach your dog is to lure it into a certain spot with a piece of food. You can use a stick, plastic toy, or any other small, tasty treat to lure your dog into a position. The lure will mark the behavior and reinforce it. Lures can be as simple as a piece of cheese or moderately tasty food. Using too-tasty lures may encourage your dog to try harder to catch the treat.

To lure your dog into your home, put some treats on the floor. Walk further into the home and praise and play with your dog. Be sure to make the house cool enough for the dog to stay and give them a crate to retreat to when they feel trapped. Using treats to lure your dog is a great way to help them learn how to behave inside. If you’re concerned about the safety of your home, lure training is a good way to help you to achieve this goal.

Make your home comfortable for dogs

One of the best ways to make your home comfortable for dogs is to include familiar scents. Dogs tend to feel more comfortable in new environments when they are surrounded by familiar scents. This is especially helpful if you own more than one pet. For instance, you can add your dog’s favorite chow to your dining room, bedroom, and living room. In addition, you can spend time together lying on the floor, where you can give your pet lots of love.

Another way to make your home more comfortable for dogs is to provide them with a bed. While you can put soft blankets on the floor to keep them warm, dogs prefer a cave-like bed for their rest. Buying a plush bed for your pet can make it feel more comfortable, as can readymade kennels. You can also turn your dog’s kennel into a piece of furniture by placing a cozy blanket or small rug inside.

Make your dog want to come inside

Your dog has probably been outside most of his life, but you can make him want to come inside more by creating a fun environment. Toys and a treat can help your dog associate coming inside with the good things you have to offer. And once your dog comes inside, you can also play with him. Try playing tug-of-war or tossing him a treat. This will make him want to come inside.

To get your dog to come inside, start by introducing a new command. Try calling your dog with a friendly, excited tone. When your dog responds, back away incrementally and move toward the house. Eventually, he will learn that coming indoors means treats and attention, and he’ll want to return. However, before you start calling your dog inside, give him some time to sniff around.

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