The Woman Who Poisoned the Dog at Midnight Mass

The Woman Who Poisoned the Dog at Midnight Mass

In the movie, the woman who poisoned the dog was a local busybody and a religious fanatic, Bev Keane. She poisoned Pike in a school storage room using chemicals that she claimed were for rat infestation. The school also stored ceremonial wine. Bev Keane is also known as Samara Sloyan. But is she the real murderer or is she another busybody with ulterior motives?

Bev Keane

In “Bev Keane Poisoning the Dog at Midnight Mass,” we learn that Bev is a religious fanatic and busybody who has been suspected of poisoning a local dog while she was at midnight mass. She poisoned Pike with chemicals from the storage room in the school, claiming they were meant to treat a rat infestation. This episode also features the ceremonial wine and a corny montage set to Neil Diamond’s “Amazing Grace.”

“Bev Keane Poisoning the Dog at Midnight Mass” stars Samantha Sloyan in a role inspired by the infamous vampire-hunter. The character plays a vicious asshole, and Samantha Sloyan nails the role. “Bev Keane Poisoning the Dog at Midnight Mass” is an enjoyable watch, even if you aren’t religious.

Father Paul Hill

A new Netflix series, “Father Paul: A Vampire’s Tale,” has cast a sinister new light on the life and death of an obscure priest. After the murder of his dog, a mysterious vampire appears, and many believe it was Father Paul himself who poisoned the dog. It seems like a chilling twist to an already gruesome tale, and yet, it also raises more questions than answers.

One of the mysteries in the new series centers on the identity of the mysterious priest, who in actuality is Reverend Monsignor John Michael Pruitt, a priest who’s served St. Patrick’s Catholic Church for decades. Despite the fact that Father Paul is forty years younger than the congregation, the clergy and parishioners don’t recognize him. But a key clue to his true identity is dropped early in the series: the elderly mom of Dr. Sarah Gunning had once had a romantic relationship with Father Paul. She addresses him by his true name and makes references to Christ’s suffering as the price for eternal life.


In the second episode of The Haunting of Hill House, the town of Mildred is attacked by a mysterious figure. The apparition is called Pruitt, and he tries to lure the town residents into drinking the rat poison. The townsfolk drink the poison, suffering painful deaths. The town goes on the attack, but Bev, Annie Flynn, and Sarah Gunning are able to catch them. The apparitions begin attacking the town’s residents.

The mystery surrounding the mysterious incident begins with Riley’s arrival on the island. She is searching for Monsignor Pruitt, a priest she had romantically involved with during her younger days. The elderly Mrs. Gunning addresses Pruitt by his real name, but the church’s pastor refuses to give her any information about it. The two women then find a body in the woods.

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