Why Do My 2 Female Dogs Keep Fighting?

Why Do My 2 Female Dogs Keep Fighting?

If your female dog has started fighting, you may be wondering why. This article will discuss the factors that influence dog fighting. You’ll also discover how to prevent a fight between two female dogs. The first step in preventing a fight is to change your dog’s environment. Here are some tips:

Behavioral problems in female dogs

If your female dog keeps fighting, there may be several underlying causes. The first, and most common, is hypothyroidism, which affects both men and women. If this problem persists, your vet may recommend a behavior modification program. While physical punishment may not help resolve this problem, it can increase your dog’s distress and encourage the behavior. Moreover, it may re-direct aggression towards you. The longer you wait to address the problem, the worse the situation will get.

Other causes of female dog fights include age and illness. Older dogs may suffer from certain illnesses, which are perceived as failings by the lower-ranked canine. In rare cases, age-related health issues can also cause a female dog to fight impulsively. Finally, endocrine disorders may also be the cause. Hypothyroidism has been linked to behavioral issues in both men and women, and can be dangerous for both dogs.

Factors that affect dog fighting

Many factors contribute to a dog’s likelihood to fight. Dog fighters have a history of violence against people and may engage in other sideline activities, such as narcotic and gun sales. Any neighborhood where a dog fight is common increases the risk of violence and shows that there’s a problem. Similarly, teenagers and children involved in dog fighting are more likely to develop “hard” and “uncaring” personalities.

Among the common causes of dog fights, the lack of socialization, gender and sex of two dogs may be factors. A poorly socialized dog may have difficulty reading body language and communicating its needs. In addition, aggressive dogs may not have been socialized properly and may be more likely to fight. Regardless of the cause, some factors can be avoided. For example, a dog that has recently reached sexual maturity should not be left alone with another dog in the house.

Ways to stop a fight between two female dogs

Dogs can be aggressive when they are playing together, but there are ways to break up a fight between two females. Dogs often fight due to rank drive and hormones. Spaying your dogs will prevent this. If you’re unsure of what to do, consult a professional animal behaviorist. He or she will assess your dog’s behavior and find possible triggers. Some dog owners even resort to spraying the dogs down to deter aggression.

If you’re unable to break up the fight, use a wheelbarrow to separate them. Then, separate the dogs with a heavy object such as a broom, chair or water hose. You may also want to try using loud noises to distract them. Blasting a whistle or ringing a door can also distract the dogs from each other. Sometimes, dogs stop fighting when they can’t see each other.

Changing the environment to prevent a fight

The most common cause of a fight between two female dogs is an intense desire to compete for a resource. The more subordinate the dog is, the more likely it is to engage in combative behavior. If the challenged dog does not have any other options, the owner will likely encourage the combative behavior. In order to prevent a fight between female dogs, try changing the environment in which the dogs interact.

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