Why Does My Dog Put His Head on Me?

Why Does My Dog Put His Head on Me?

The reason your dog lays his head on you isn’t clear. Perhaps it promotes a stronger bond between you two, or it might just be a way to show affection. However, sometimes your pet may do this because he or she is feeling anxious or suffering from separation anxiety. Sometimes, it can be simply a matter of personal preference, especially in larger breeds. Here are a few reasons your pet might want to lay his or her head on you.

Laying close to you

A dog’s habit of lying on you shows his love and trust for you. It also feels safe and protected. Dogs can even develop a sense of smell and detect illnesses from humans. While not all dogs are able to do this, dogs with strong bonds can develop this trait. Here are some tips for how to correct this behavior. If your dog keeps laying his head on you, it may be a sign of anxiety.

If your dog is used to putting his head on you, he may have picked up this habit since puppyhood. A recent change in his routine could also be the cause. Try to figure out what triggers his behavior so that you can find solutions that work for your dog. For instance, if you’ve cut back on the amount of time you spend with him, he’s more likely to sleep on you.

Providing comfort

When your dog lays his head on your shoulder, you might think he’s simply offering comfort and support. But in reality, your dog is most likely just trying to communicate with you. He may be in distress, yowling and whimpering. In either case, the comfort you provide can help alleviate his mood. Then again, your dog might simply be expressing how much it enjoys the physical contact you share with him.

Offering a safe place

While your dog may bury his head on you for comfort and support, he is likely doing it for his own benefit. Your dog probably knows that snuggling with you is relaxing and can reduce stress or mood disturbances. The same goes for humans when they snuggle with their partner. If you offer your dog a comfortable place to put his head on you, he will likely seek you out whenever he feels lonely.

Sign of depression

Canine depression is becoming more common than ever. Your dog may start acting off, not eating or drinking as much, or no longer enjoy walks or car rides. The signs of canine depression are similar to many common illnesses, so you’ll want to take him to the vet right away to make sure there’s nothing physical wrong with him. But if your dog still puts his head on you, here are a few signs he may be suffering from depression:

First, your dog may begin to hide from you. A depressed dog may stop going for walks or playing with its favorite games. He may also start to hide from you and not want to be around other dogs. While some dogs show signs of depression, others are very subtle and may not show you anything. In any case, you can give your dog extra love and attention to make him feel better. In some cases, a depressed dog may also lick his paws excessively.

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